About the Product

About the Product


This are flowerpots with an integrated self-watering system.
It is the innovative "Hydro Profi Line" system from Germany, which was just presented at the Venice Biennale and is currently probably the most effective system in this field.

How does it work?

The plants are planted in a special culture pot which is mounted in the actual pot.
In the intermediate space, a water reservoir is created from which the plants may always take in the exact amount of water they need.
In addition, a microclimate is formed in the tank, causing the water to automatically clean itself. Thereby the most ideal vegetation conditions are created.



  • Easy to setup and extremely easy to care for the plants: It can be planted normally in ordinary potting soil and you will always know exactly when plants should be watered.
  • Gain time and independence: Depending on the size of the pot and the type of  plants, they can go without being watered for several weeks up to several months. Plants exposed to rain no longer need to be watered.
  • Healthier indoor climate: No root rot or mold may occur. In addition, plants are air-purifying and have a positive effect on the psyche.
  • An important contribution to sustainability: It saves more than 90% of water.


Depending on the pot size, type of plant and location, the plants can last up to several weeks in smaller pots and up to 6 months in larger pots without being watered.


The following are some companies who already use pots with integrated “Hydro Profi Line”:
Allianz, ADAC, AOK, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chip Communication, Crown, Gema, Münchenstift, Siemens...

The well-known German scientist and professor at the University of Rotterdam Dr. Michael Braungard stands as a guarantor for this system.
The system was presented by Dr. Braungard as part of the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016.


About us

We are a young e-commerce company that specialize in products that are designed to make life easier and more in-line with health and environment.

Our goal is to promote a balance between the modern lifestyle and sustainability.

We place great emphasis on the highest quality of products and services as well as completely sustainable and ethical production along the entire value chain.


Our company is based in South Tyrol, Italy, but we are committed to our international customers as well, so in order to expand our product to as many people as possible we will soon be offering our products in even more countries in order to expand our audience and consumer base.

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